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How To Feel Better

Watch the sunrise. Get outside. Connect with people that light you up. Laugh. Meditate. Raise the value of everything you take in (food, drink, media & conversations). Read. Move. Swim in the ocean/river or sit by the ocean/river. Breathwork. Help someone. Plant something. Forgive. Do anything fun, creative, or spontaneous. Learn. Create healthy boundaries. Forgive yourself. Dance. Know what is going on in someone else's head is not your challenge. Clean-up. Not everyone will agree with you, that's ok. Challenges bring learning, no growth comes from comfort. Cultivate less judgement. Have more compassion. Focus on what you are grateful for. Remember you are far greater than what you realize. Trust. Love. Look for the good and your tribe.

What other things do you do to help you feel better?

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