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Our feelings are a big part of what makes us tick. They are real and true, but sometimes we get hijacked by our anxiety or anger and all of the sudden we feel out of control. This is when the darker energy leaks out of us. These difficult times are not only destructive to our own well-being but often they impact the people we love. At these moments we need tools to help us cope. That is where botanical medicine can come into play. Herbs can help calm and heal frazzled nerves. It might be a cup of tea, aromatherapy, or a tincture that helps you re-center. Some of my favorite go-to herbs to promote relaxation and reduce anxiety are ashwagandha, chamomile and valerian root (often called nature’s valium 😊). Another helpful routine is to drink passionflower and lemon balm tea before bed which soothes the nervous system and prepares the body to sleep.

It’s also hard to achieve balance if you have elevated cortisol levels. One non-herb action you can take to improve your mood immediately is to generate a sense of control over the future which will alleviate anxiety by reducing feelings of uncertainty. Being excited and positive thinking can trigger relaxation and also serotonin, the antidote to cortisol. Whether it is a bad day, week, month or even a year, we all go through seasons of needing to escape from the ordinary to create room for fun and to affirm a new perspective.

One of the easiest exercises to inspire happiness is to think about the best day ever. It can be a compilation of moments from the past or new experiences you are looking forward to. Maybe your list is full of moments that provide peace and solitude or it is a list of favorite spots or new adventures. Go ahead, pick some days and times and make your self go there and enjoy some happy, happy moments.

Here is my top 5 best day ever list and I really would love to see your version of happiness as well.

  1. Wandering the streets of Paris and stopping to drink wine at every cafe.

  2. Celebrating family and friends in San Diego while holding a new baby (when Tommy was only six weeks old).

  3. Watching hot air balloons from the lake by my house.

  4. Going to the Cheyenne rodeo in the summer.

  5. Celebrating Ellie's ballet performance

  6. Napping on a river boat while looking at a chalet in the distance that I just hiked to.

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