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Natural eco beauty. Cosmetic products and green leaves on white background, top view, bann

The beauty bar is here to help you understand the ingredients in your products. Visit today and get back-to basics creating your own skin care and cleansing products with no wasted packaging or additives. 

The beauty bar provides pure ingredients so you can design unique body, bath, and skin products that meet your needs. The apothecary's DIY recipes also provide a way for you to explore new  skincare solutions that have been tested by our team of herbalists. The beauty bar is stocked with sustainable and high quality ethically sourced ingredients including a variety of clays, salts, base oils, shea and cocoa butter, honey, sugars, charcoal, essential oils, petals and herbs. The beauty bar is ready and waiting for you to make your own  scrubs, bath salts, lip balm, face masks, bath fizzes and more.

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