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One Joy a Day Keeps the Bad Stuff Away!

Modern Apothecary is so much more than a fun place to gather with friends. The concept of wellness and self-care that we are dedicated to helping you achieve means getting better at being in tune with how you are feeling, having a sense of presence, and approaching your health holistically. Life is hard and life is busy. Its hard to juggle a career, family and friends all at once. There are seven aspects of wellness that Modern Apothecary incorporates into our studio programming to help you achieve a healthy balance:

  1. Joyful creativity

  2. Health promotion and herbal healing

  3. Personal and professional development

  4. Creating your own self-care routines and products

  5. Providing an environment that cultivates relaxation

  6. Supporting social connections

  7. Connections to nature

For our April self-care exercise we want you to think about how to make your life more joyful, a little more fruitful, and even more spectacular than it already is. Click below to download our Joy list and map out your own journey.

April Joy
Download PDF • 130KB

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