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Things that make me happy.. as an adult

As time passes, I am realizing the things that hold value to me have changed. This is likely true for many of us, we just haven’t explored it completely or gave it a lot of thought yet. If your focal point is changing or has changed, some things that you used to consider important may have dropped away. For example, if you have a brand new baby work may become less important to you. As self-growth occurs the things that make you happy often evolve. One way to prioritize your wellbeing in-step with personal growth is to re-assess what makes you happy every now and then. Ask yourself, what has become more important to you in the past year, and what makes you happy?

Here is my most recent grown-up list of 10 things that make me happy

  • Someone else going to the grocery store

  • Practical gifts

  • Clean sheets fresh from the dryer

  • Going to bed early

  • Renewing my driver’s license online

  • Crossing everything off my list

  • Eating carbs

  • Spending money on what I want

  • Not caring what others think about my decisions

  • When the lawn is freshly mowed

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